a) Business Loans

Business loan requires physical collateral; it aims to support individual who will use the loan to start up or expand business or investments. This loan is targeted to support micro, small, and medium entrepreneurs who can present legal collateral and with excellent credit history.

b) Individual Loans

An individual loan requires physical collateral. It aims to support individuals who will use the loan to purchase goods or personal items, or any other personal staffs. This category of loan is available throughout a year and to any employed individual who have more than one year contract, or entrepreneur with business which have more than six months, or any individual who can present legal collateral.


c) 5 Minutes Loan

Also known as immediately loan; this category of loan is usually provided to potential customers who have positive records. This loan aims to offer immediately support to our potential customers who will use the loan to start up or expand business; invest; purchase goods, services, and personal items; or improve accommodation.

d) Women Group Loans

This category of loan targets women who lack collateral with positive commitment of establishing their own business. Under this category PREMIT focused much to women recognized by market or local leaders and has been working at the same area from six months to one year.









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